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Performance Packaging Contract Services

Performance Packaging provides primary and supplemental contract services that save our customers time, money, and resources. From product assembly & packaging to warehousing & distribution Performance Packaging Contract Services is your go-to solution.

Our team has over 50 years collective experience in warehousing, distribution, product processing and packing, inventory management and so much more.

Our current contract services clients include Schlumberger Technology Corp., Mike Ray Manufacturing, Reliance Industries, Action Box Inc., and many others.

• Product Packaging
• Product Assembly
• Kitting, Bagging & Bundling
• Labeling & Taping
• Product Inspection & Quality Control
• Pick, Pack & Ship Operations
• Reverse Logistics & Product Returns Processing
• Warehousing & Inventory Management
• Houston Area Local Deliveries
• Packaging Design & Procurement
• Packaging Testing & Certification

To learn more about how we can help your company please contact Morty Chambers at 832-939-8640 or mortyc@performpkg.com.